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Online service of the week: assignments written by Marovo-speaking students at Reef and Rainforest wiki in the Solomon Islands

May 25th, 2013 No comments

The Reef and Rainforest (Marovo Lagoon) wiki  in the Solomon Islands promotes the transmission and nurturing of the Marovo language. This site uses the MediaWiki platform for that purpose.

The wiki contains a unique feature in which writing assignments  are provided to students.  These assignments are done in the Marovo language and subsequently scanned to PDF.  Each assignment is then given the name of the school and an ID


Sample of a scanned assignment in the Marovo language in PDF form.

This is a treasure trove for researchers of Asia Pacific languages and it provides insight into the power of the web to use groups to achieve goals.

In order to access the assignments, go to the Reef and Rainforest wiki, and select ‘Assignments’ from the top menu

Afterwards, go to the bottom and click on any assignment with the .pdf extension

This will open the assignment selection page with a link to the document to download (file name is highlighted in the picture below)

One improvement we would like to see done is to expand the wiki to provide the same assignments transcribed into text form. (Transcribers need not understand the Marovo language). Also, the assignments do not have a timestamp which would benefit potential researchers.

If anyone wanted an idea for reviving any dying language, this type of project is a good example of how to get started.