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Website review: Airline reservation companies displayed when doing a BlueCastle search

January 22nd, 2014 No comments

Bluecastle is a website in New Zealand that allows reservations for flying from places like Auckland or ChristChurch.
Blue Castle main menu


When doing a search for a domestic flight in January 2014, we noticed that the following logos were displayed:






Results for flights included companies like Quantas and Jetstar Airways.

The only criticism we have is that for a label called ‘NZ Flights’ there were too many matches to international flights.  This would make the website much more appealing to the intended audience and would ensure more return visits.  If it is necessary to include international flights, a new label called ‘International Flights’ could be added.



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Service of the week: paper products from K.K. Kingston for the Papua New Guinea Market

January 27th, 2011 No comments

The K. K. Kingston website in Papua New Guinea offers a detailed description of paper products for institutions and businesses.

With a head office in Lae, the second largest city in PNG, the company offers a detailed catalog of paper products for the local market.

This is an example of a website providing the opportunity to have an up to date source of information for the industries to which it supplies.

Among them, laundry, industrial, and catering markets. To access their online catalog

  • go to their website and skip the introduction by clicking on the ‘skip intro’ option in the bottom right.
  • choose the ‘paper products’ link.
  • then choose the appropriate category to view the pictures and codes of the products on offer
Picture depicting the option to view paper product catalog options
Paper Product selection

K.K. Kingston offer other kinds of manufactured products, so you can also explore other sections, such as the chemical products or plastic products.

New country added: Kenya

September 21st, 2010 No comments

The .ke domain has lots of good quality sites and a robust web identity.


Wazua, finance forum

Kenya meteorological department

Ministry of Gender, children, and social development

From to, the full list is here

(Technorati claim code XQ3UEJHYFN5P)

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Title of the Irish prime minister website contains the word ‘Google’

September 15th, 2010 1 comment

While reading the article published 15 september in The Irish Independent about the rise of Twitter in news reporting, I became aware that the Irish Prime Minister’s website title contains the word ‘Google’:

<title> Department of Taoiseach - Google <title/>

This fact has also been picked up by other websites that keep track of meta titles and descriptions such as Robtex or Trendscape.

Is this an honest typo, or proof of the ultimate SEO strategy?

Having links to Google is a commonly known way to increase your chances at being at the top of search results,  but this is the first time we are aware of this technique (which could potentially beat them all!).

The titles for other websites hosted on the same IP, such as,, or do not seem to be affected.

Bing search results for "irish prime minister" on 15 sep 2010

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Official documents for communication licences in Zambia

September 10th, 2010 No comments

The Zambia information and communication technology authority (ZICTA) contains a list of the official documents for radio licences in Zambia.

Here are some of the licence documents available:

  • Wireless access system
  • VSAT satellite licence
  • Land Mobile licence

From the main menu, select Licensing, and then choose ‘Licences’. Click on the Spectrum/Radio licences option

Screenshot of the Zicta website Zambia

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