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Online service definition: staff directory. San Carlos Sija municipality

August 9th, 2012 No comments

A good way to provide information to the citizens of a region is to provide an updated list of staff within a government entity.

Such is the case of the San Carlos Sija municipality in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (in Spanish)

The following information is listed under ‘Municipality Employees’ on the left hand side:

Public servant’s name, post, photograph and academic level.

In addition to this information, each employee is listed as belonging to a department.

Such openness is to be commended and it makes it easier for anyone to contact them for the first time.

Other features in the website:

  • Main tourist attractions
  • Several photo albums
  • Information about the town’s fair

First non-English speaking country added: Guatemala

March 22nd, 2011 No comments

We are adding the first non-English speaking country to our directory.

Guatemala is known for having some of the most striking contrasts in the world. It’s also known for its ebullient web community and for being one of the first nations to adopt the web for banking, industry, and business.

Names like (a web portal), (one of the longest running and most user-friendly online newspapers in any language), or have aged well and their results are usually at the top of Latin American search results.

We found more than 500 websites across banking, academia, government, and business.

A typical country scene in Guatemala

Some additional recommendations:

In English:

Casa Xelaju, a famed English language school

Visit Guatemala, official tourism website

Pollo Campero, a restaurant chain. An ongoing success story and a welcoming sight for migrant Latin Americans whether in Los Angeles, Madrid, or New Delhi.

Vestex a website for the promotion of apparel and textiles

In Spanish:

El Quetzalteco, a newspaper describing life as it happens in the country’s second city and a must for the avid Spanish language enthusiast.

Revista Industria, a monthly magazine for the Chamber of Industry

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Service of the week: (in Spanish) Nostalgica FM Atacama

October 12th, 2010 No comments

(This blog post documents a website in Spanish.  ABC Mundi recommends the Google Chrome browser or the Google Toolbar for on-the-fly machine translation)

Nostalgica FM Radio in Copiapo, Atacama region says that they set up a mobile broadcasting unit shortly after the Chilean miner incident happened.

They have been dedicating a great deal of their content to ongoing news coverage.  Here are some details of the unit deployed on site.

One of the celebrities visiting their studios were popular Don Francisco from Sabado Gigante.

On the scheduled day of the rescue (oct 12), they were offering a live camera feed independent of the official video feed.  A crisp, lively mix of tunes from Gypsy Kings to Jose Feliciano to Luis Miguel was the perfect background for what was expected to be a defining event in Chilean history.

They mentioned that their FM broadcast was being used by other stations in Chile and in nearby countries.

We wish this radio station the best and may its growth help increase awareness in the Atacama region and the start of lasting progress as proposed by President Pinera in his press conference on the same day.