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Online service of the week. News stories from Arab Bank Palestine

January 4th, 2013 No comments

The news section of the Arab Bank in Palestine contains items that are both relevant to the bank in Palestine such as updates related to branch changes as well as reproductions of press releases from other banks in the group.

News releases exist as far back as six years and it is also available on the Arabic version of the website.  News stories are available from the bank’s website.

News headlines section for

News headlines section

This is a timely way to communicate to both custmers and stakeholders

Other relevant sections in this website

A branch locator, including main Palestine as well as West Bank and Gaza (use the branch locator form on the left hand side of the main page, the ‘Search Center’ section)

Financial statements of the Arab Bank group in general. Select ‘About Us’ from the main menu and then ‘Financials’


Online service of the week: Summaries of market research and studies at Tamkeen in Bahrain

December 19th, 2012 No comments

The Bahrain Tamkeen website contains a section detailing summaries of market research and studies commissioned by the entity.

Tamkeen’s stated mission is to act as a driver in economic development in the country.

There are several summaries of reports prepared by companies such as Ipsos  and Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) in PDF format.

Only the summaries exist for most reports; however, the listings are a very important pointer to work being conducted in making Bahrain a business-friendly destination.

For example, we were able to find the full contents of the a report called the LF Occupational Survey within Tamkeen’s website. This appears to be a complement to the one described in the summaries page.

We hope that this list is kept up to date and that Tamkeen are able to offer links to the full reports in the future. Optionally, you may contact them via e-mail in the link provided at the end of the list.

To access the list, visit the Tamkeen website and then select the ‘Strategy & Studies’ menu option followed by ‘Research & Studies’.

Business Market Research reports in Bahrain



Online service of the week: Al Jazeera English audio stream at

December 10th, 2012 No comments

It was not long before setting up an Internet Radio player in  my smartphone that I imagined that an audio stream of the well-liked Al Jazeera Television station would be a wonderful idea.

I managed to find an easy enough provider,  They provide Al Jazeera Audio by rebroadcasting a 32kbps audio stream.  It is much superior than video as the bandwidth consumption is mimimal and I do not have to deal with the requirements of the full video version.

Al Jazeeera is not offered at all by my local satellite provider so IslamiCity is providing a much needed alternative source of news.

IslamiCity also rebroadcasts Al Jazeera audio in Arabic among others.

To access it, visit IslamiCity and click the ‘icRadio’ button on the website’s main menu. menu item to access Al Jazeera audio

The link to Al Jazeera English is in a table called ‘listen now’.

The only drawback I have found so far is that all investigative reporting includes narration by non-English speakers and this is not being dubbed.  This is bound to change one day as Al Jazeera realizes that they have more listeners than viewers.

Additional details about the IslamiCity audio stream:

Channels: Mono

Sample Rate: 44100 Hz

Bitrate: 32kb/s



Online service of the week: news from Ambulatory Healthcare Services in Abu Dhabi

February 25th, 2012 No comments

The Ambulatory Healthcare Services, with offices in many locations across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, is a provider of an integrated concept of healthcare.

Some of their clinics, such as the one in Abu Dhabi Airport, are fulfilling the job of bringing timely services where needed the most.

Their services can be browsed either by specialty or by location. The site includes their opening times as well.

Their news section has been maintained since around may 2011 and is updated regularly.

To access this service, go to the AHS website and then:

  • Select the Ambulatory Care Centers portal on the left by clicking on the title in English.
  • Click on the Media Center link on the left
  • Select the News link at the resulting page


The Media Center also contains a very informational newsletter called “The Pearl” in PDF format, but unfortunately it was only maintained for a few months in 2010.

By supplementing traditional hospital care with a variety of specialties and focusing on prevention, the future of this organization looks very promising. We would like to see this concept spread into the rest of the emirates.


New country added: United Arab Emirates

April 12th, 2011 No comments

English is virtually the language of business in the UAE. No matter where you are in any of the seven city states, there is a great influx of English speakers, for example: Pakistani, British, Irish.

Despite the recent turmoil in the area, it has impacted very little in the booming trade, commerce, and tourism.

The websites we found are all of great quality and most of them have both Arabic and English versions. Even the Russian community has a fairly detailed site in English.

From to, the directory is here


Heroes of the UAE – Energy is one of the themes for this very stylish awareness campaign. This portal includes news, energy guides in PDF format as well as specific content for schools and corporations.  It is truly a model site to be followed.

Embassy of Nepal -  Contains valuable information about the history of Nepalese immigration to the UAE, lists of goods that can be imported and exported to/from the UAE.

Emirates identity authority – Provides national ID card services Social collaboration site to locate and comment on UAE businesses

Yas Island portal.  Yas island is world famous for its F1 racetrack and other fabulous amenities.