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Website research: The Razor, a newspaper in Uganda

February 12th, 2015 No comments

Here is a sample of what The Razor newspaper in Uganda used to publish

Article posted on The Razor Newspaper, written by Kakaire Kirunda It is just under five years to the 2015 deadline of achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by UN member states following a commitment made at the millennium summit in 2000.

The Razor Newspaper in Uganda merited this article in back in 2011

The Razor newspaper launches in Uganda
Competition for readership in Uganda’s print media industry is set to intensify following the launch of The Razor, a new tabloid newspaper in the country.


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Online service of the week: Servicemag, a Rwandan magazine about customer service

February 4th, 2013 No comments

Captivating because of its unique subject matter, Servicemag also provides a key insight into Rwandan modern society.

As soon as you browse through the first pages, you become aware of the unique content as the magazine contains articles in three languages (English,French, Kinyarwanda) all smartly blended in.

To access the magazine articles, from the Servicemag website choose the ‘Features’ menu option that will take you to a table of contents by section.


You can then choose a section, for example ‘Main Feature’ corresponds more or less to the lead story in the print edition.

Sections available in each version of The ServiceMag

Sections available in each version of The ServiceMag. The lead story is available at ‘Main Feature’

If you prefer to read it in its original layout, you can choose the ‘Issues’  menu option instead.  There will be a table with all issues to date. When you click on the left-hand side links, you get a brief description of the issue. Clicking on the cover will take you to Issuu’s reading interface.


Clicking on the cover icon at the center of the page will open the Issuu reading interface

Because this version works using a Flash-based interface, it is more suited to people having a faster connection and a high end PC.  The website also says that the magazine is available in print locally.

At the moment all previous issues are available for reading and the magazine is published every few months since March 2010.

We would really like some day to see the magazine concept to be exported to other countries (maybe in the form of a franchise) as it is a subject that has little coverage and would have a sizable audience.


Mauritius update: Beresford Trust is now Imara Trust

May 21st, 2012 No comments

We have just discovered that domain that used to be called Beresford Trust is now known as Imara Trust.

Beresford Trust and Corporate Services Ltd. used to be described as an offshore management company and now it is described as a company that provides advisory and management services for international companies.

Online Service of the week: Beiyangu, a price comparison site in Kenya

February 18th, 2012 No comments

Beiyangu comes at a point were the web is experiencing explosive growth in Africa.

This very responsive website lists price comparisons among several supermarkets and stores around cities in Kenya.

Their intention is to crowdsource this information. Their targeted item areas: food and toiletries, make it a unique site to explore.

Let’s say we would like to compare the price of a 2kg rice bag across places in Mombasa.

Yes, this web site has that kind of targeted information.

Simply follow this procedure:

  • Go to the homepage and locate Mombasa. It is in a cities row right below all the supermarket logos
  • Then select ‘Foodstuffs’ towards the middle of the Mombasa page
  • You will then be presented with a detailed comparison between the shops offering this item:


The winner? It’s KPL rice pictured here among others.

We know the real winners are consumers, so congratulations and keep up this work.

There is an option for visitors to enter prices themselves, so have your tickets on hand and contribute.  To access this option, click on their ‘Gallery’ menu option and then click on the ‘Submit product’ link.

Beiyangu recommends adding a new price based on a shopping ticket



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Austrian consulate sharing offices with Nyassa Air Taxi

October 9th, 2011 No comments

This is a bit of news that might benefit Austrian citizens in Malawi.

The Nyassa Air Taxi website now contains a link to the Austrian Consulate in Malawi.

The reason is that Nyassa Air Taxi are now sharing offices with them in Blantyre.

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