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New section added in country home pages: latest online services discovered

June 2nd, 2013 No comments

There is now a new section at the top of our country home pages called ‘Latest online services discovered’

This section highlights specific online services that have been discovered in each website.  In the example above, the home page for Jamaica, the last service  in the section contains two descriptions:

Annual financial Statements from JPCCU – This is the specific name given to the service by the website.

Financial statements for a cooperative institution – This is the generic name that we have assigned it in our directory. This category allows us to better understand the kind of information available.

Improve your chances of being found by ABC Mundi: The basic meta description header tag.

December 26th, 2011 No comments

We are thrilled to keep discovering newer and more dynamic sites each day.

Our system picks up the two most basic sources of information for a new site:

a) The website title

b) The meta description tag

Time and time again we have found that, even though titles are mostly descriptive and require little or no edition, the meta description tag is missing on a number of sites.

When it is present, it is a repetition of the title, or it is used as a keyword placeholder with nearly unintelligible data.

The meta description header tag is the place to describe in detail what your site does, the different sections it has and many other details that can announce the essence of your site.

An example of a well defined description meta-tag as seen on the 'Page Info' context menu option in the FireFox browser

An example of a well defined description meta-tag as seen on the ‘Page Info’ context menu option in the FireFox browser


You can, for example have a look at the sites from Ireland, where the practice of using the meta description tag is followed very consistently.

If you are the developer of the website, make sure to follow instructions like these.¬† If someone is running your site for you, ask them if the meta description tag is in use in all the site’s pages.

As always, try to avoid any overtly marketing expression such as ‘best’, ‘highest quality’, ‘top’, ‘leading’, etc. in your description. This will delay our editor’s decisions in including your listing. Well-defined, concise descriptions result in the quickest entries to be accepted.