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Online service of the week: pets.ca audio podcast in Canada

This pleasantly-sounding audio show from Montreal is practically hidden from view at the Pets.ca website.

The presentation focuses mostly on dogs and has been in place since 2006. It is well produced with the added bonus of visits from experts in the field. Shows are clearly numbered and the navigation is very easy.

The earliest show we could find for this review was  #5 from October 2006, so shows 1 through 4 are missing.

This content is timeless and engaging.  It shows how unique services like this can help establish a brand.

This is also a demonstration of the power of a blog/website to engage users.

To access this service, select ‘Pet blog’ from the main menu at the Pets.ca website, followed by the ‘Pet Podcast’ option in the submenu underneath


It would be a good idea to give the show a more prominent place in the home page. Transcripts for each episode were produced before, they are important for people who do not immediately have sound equipment in place.

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