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Online service of the week: iPi Newsletter about logistics and transportation in PNG

April 5th, 2012 No comments

PNG stands for Papua New Guinea.  We found the iPi Newsletter named Insider, a quarterly publication from iPi Group.

The newsletter has all the gloss and presentation associated with a well established enterprise and its content is worth a read as it shows the state of the commercial transportation and catering industry within the country. If your are looking for how a dinner hall for expatriate workers should be managed in remote regions this is the reading material for you.

The newsletter is a well balanced selection of the group’s ongoing projects aw well as the human touch of social events happening within the group.

To access the newsletter, click on the ‘iPi Corporate’ tab on the main menu and then click on the ‘Newsletter’ link on the right hand submenu.  Newsletters are in PDF format

Insider Issue 5 describes a nutrition training seminar provided to employees in 2011



We would like to see this newsletter more prominently presented in this website and would encourage budding enterprises to follow suit in producing informational materials such as this.