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Service of the week: top 20 internet languages from

October 26th, 2010 No comments offers a list of the top 20 languages of the web along with a pie chart describing the top languages.

Here is a list of percentages as of 26/10/2010

English 35.39%
Chinese 2.92%
Italian 2.35%
Japanese 1.55%
Portuguese 1.30%
Spanish 1.16%
German 1.12%
Russian 0.84%
French 0.80%
Dutch 0.43%
Turkish 0.33%
Thai 0.29%
Chinese/taiwan 0.27%
Indonesian 0.18%
Korean 0.18%
Polish 0.17%
Arabic 0.15%
Yoruba 0.12%
Swedish 0.11%
Finnish 0.11%

Apparently, is collecting information from the language metadata from websites.  It only seems to collect information from websites when requested to do so.  It has a spider that uses a queue to crawl new sites.

This result is skewed in favor of English-speaking countries as the form to add websites is in English only.  It would be an interesting enhancement to create the form in many different languages.

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Service of the week: The Writ, a newsletter from the the Norman Manley law school in Jamaica

October 19th, 2010 2 comments

We have come across The Writ, a newsletter from the Norman Manley law school in Jamaica.

This online newsletter, published regularly since March 2009, offers a glimpse of how specialist higher education in law benefits communities in the Caribbean.

To access it, visit the Norman Manley website, click on the ‘Downloads’ menu and this will lead to the latest editions of the newsletter.

A noteworthy section is for example the ‘International Opportunities’, that showcases exchanges between Jamaica law professionals abroad.

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Service of the week: (in Spanish) Nostalgica FM Atacama

October 12th, 2010 No comments

(This blog post documents a website in Spanish.  ABC Mundi recommends the Google Chrome browser or the Google Toolbar for on-the-fly machine translation)

Nostalgica FM Radio in Copiapo, Atacama region says that they set up a mobile broadcasting unit shortly after the Chilean miner incident happened.

They have been dedicating a great deal of their content to ongoing news coverage.  Here are some details of the unit deployed on site.

One of the celebrities visiting their studios were popular Don Francisco from Sabado Gigante.

On the scheduled day of the rescue (oct 12), they were offering a live camera feed independent of the official video feed.  A crisp, lively mix of tunes from Gypsy Kings to Jose Feliciano to Luis Miguel was the perfect background for what was expected to be a defining event in Chilean history.

They mentioned that their FM broadcast was being used by other stations in Chile and in nearby countries.

We wish this radio station the best and may its growth help increase awareness in the Atacama region and the start of lasting progress as proposed by President Pinera in his press conference on the same day.

Service of the week: CommsUpdate news from

October 7th, 2010 No comments

Telegeography CommsUpdate news is a collection of recent developments in telecommunications in different countries. The very practical calendar navigation allows to view a news archive that starts in January 2009.

It is also available as an RSS feed

This service is highly recommended for people eager to discover detailed progress of Internet services.

The company behind it is based in Washington, D.C. and produces other comprehensive paid reports.

Calendar navigation for the CommsUpdate service

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New country added: Pakistan

October 3rd, 2010 No comments

From to, we found about 375 great quality sites.

News agreggators seem to be quite popular.  There is a strong attention to detail and innovation in some of them.

Some sites we visited:

Labor Market information and analysis unit, an online trading portal a blog aggregator

Gallup Polls Pakistan

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