Website research: The Razor, a newspaper in Uganda

February 12th, 2015 No comments

Here is a sample of what The Razor newspaper in Uganda used to publish

Article posted on The Razor Newspaper, written by Kakaire Kirunda It is just under five years to the 2015 deadline of achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by UN member states following a commitment made at the millennium summit in 2000.

The Razor Newspaper in Uganda merited this article in back in 2011

The Razor newspaper launches in Uganda
Competition for readership in Uganda’s print media industry is set to intensify following the launch of The Razor, a new tabloid newspaper in the country.


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Online service of the week: News Archive from the Hardware Association in Ireland

August 22nd, 2014 No comments

Have you recently gotten an assignment to research on opportunities for distributing parts for hardware stores in Europe?

Would you like to know more about the state of building supplies and market trends?

If so, the news archive from the Hardware Association in Ireland is a very good starting point.

You can access the archive by visiting their website and selecting the Latest News menu button at the top.


Then, on the left towards the bottom you will find the listing of articles by month.  The archive contains information as far back as July 2011.

Additional sections

Complete listings for its Board of Directors and National Council Members. Choose ‘About Us’ from the top menu and then from the buttons on the lower left menu.

A link to the HAI Show to be celebrated in 2015

A link to the Hardware Journal, a magazine published in Issuu

Website review: Airline reservation companies displayed when doing a BlueCastle search

January 22nd, 2014 No comments

Bluecastle is a website in New Zealand that allows reservations for flying from places like Auckland or ChristChurch.
Blue Castle main menu


When doing a search for a domestic flight in January 2014, we noticed that the following logos were displayed:






Results for flights included companies like Quantas and Jetstar Airways.

The only criticism we have is that for a label called ‘NZ Flights’ there were too many matches to international flights.  This would make the website much more appealing to the intended audience and would ensure more return visits.  If it is necessary to include international flights, a new label called ‘International Flights’ could be added.



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Online service of the week: Toronto Panamerican Games newsletter

October 12th, 2013 No comments

This is a newsletter about the Toronto 2015 Panamerican Games.

Named Viva 2015, the newsletter has been published since 2010 and it has three language columns nowadays: English, French and Spanish.

The concept of three languages is very appropriate to the very welcoming nature that’s intended for the games.

The newsletter is available from the Toronto 2015 website

To find it, select the ‘Media’ menu option at the right of the main menu,


The newsletter includes information from the point of view of the event organizers and details advances in venues, details about sponsors and planned activities.

This is valuable information for prospective sponsors, investors, visitors, and overall Toronto enthusiasts that will expect to see these games in full swing in two years time.

Online service of the week: historical Fiji Rugby matches at

September 18th, 2013 No comments

Nothing beats knowledge about sports than being as close to the source as possible

This is true of the historical match database found at the website.

Simply select ‘Result’ from the main menu and it you will be able to search by team, match year, or match venue.


But the real surprise was to find the possibility of a match report and statistics that may go back decades in the past.

For example, after selecting ‘Ireland’ under the ‘opponent name’ search option, we are presented with a list that indicates that there was a visit from Ireland XV way back in june 1976 along with the full detail of players and scoring sequence.

We just wish that every country were as enthusiastic about their sports to keep such a rich legacy of information.

Similar services (In Spanish). A detailed look at matches and news around every sport.